Q: How can I start mining on 50BTC?
A: To start mining on our pool you can use cgminer.
To do that, download latest version from the official page: http://ck.kolivas.org/apps/cgminer/
After launching cgminer you will be asked to enter URL, Username and password.
URL - pool.50btc.com:3333
Username - worker you have created in Mining tab.
Password - just type in ‘123’.

Q: What do the numbers in the «Information» table on the «Dashboard» page mean?
  • Current speed: total speed of all the active workers for now.
  • Connected workers: the number of active workers for now
  • Mined total: total amount for the whole account history
  • Blocks found total: number of your found blocks
Q: Why is the time on the web site reflected incorrectly?
A: Most likely it is set to the wrong time zone. You can change your time zone in «Account Setup».

Q: What is worker?
A: This is an account for miner, it is used to connect the pull-server. Worker are designed only to monitor miners. Number of workes has no effect on earnings.

Q: How do you add a worker?
A: You can add a worker on the «Mining» page, just click on the +Add button.

Q: User selected shared difficulty — what is it?
A: Selected share difficulty allows user to change share difficulty receiving from pool. Properly selected difficulty reduces traffic volume for high speed miners and decreases pool load

Q: What exact difficulty should I choose?
A: We recommended to use the following table meanings
Worker's speed Difficulty
<2000 Mhash/s 1
2000-4000 Mhash/s 2
4000-8000 Mhash/s 4
8000-16000 Mhash/s 8
16000-32000 Mhash/s 16
32000-64000 Mhash/s 32
64000-128000 Mhash/s 64
128-256 Ghash/s 128
256-512 Ghash/s 256
512-1024 Ghash/s 512
>1 Thash/s 1024

Q: How do I use extra workers?
A: You must specify worker’s login in your mining software.

Q: How are funds earned paid out?
A: At first, in order to withdraw the funds you need to add your Bitcoin address. To add the destination you need to click «+Add» on the «Payouts» page. After adding the destination it becomes available for withdrawal. Click « Payout» in the right column, choose the correct destination for the payment and the amount. Click « Payout» and the funds are transferred according to the information provided.

Q: I have many destinations, how can I quickly identify them?
A: You can write a comment on each destination and it will be shown in the payments section and also by the funds withdrawal . Comments on the payment form are also added.

Q: I am distracted by the information blocks on the right, is it possible to remove them?
A: You can turn off any block on the right with the cursor, which is located in the block header.

Q: I want to change the order of the blocks on the site, is this possible?
A: You can move the blocks and set up an order which you find more comfortable.

Q: What is the point of joining teams or creating your own?
A: The point of building a team in the Hall of Fame or joining one comes down to the fact that users can associate themselves with different groups, for example others in their country or city, with websites, they came from and any other. Many people may like to compete within the team or between teams in terms of who has more hash rates, or just to mine in a group with familiar people or with people with similar interests. There are no additional bonuses, restrictions, or any other form of control, that the teams have.

Q: What are private groups for?
A: If you do not want to allow just anybody to join your team you can make it private. Then joining the group is only possible by using an invitation link, which you can send to those who you want to see in the team.

Questions about miner programs:

Q: The speed shown in my program is different to that I see on the site.
A: Pool reflects the speed based on the actual number of the shares received within a certain time. For better precision it is best to set in the settings window size statistics to 60 minutes. The miner speed shown may be not exactly right, for example for small values of aggression we found instances where Phoenix and AOCLBF showed the wrong speed by up to twice the value , greatly overstating the actual indicators.

Q: Is my CPU or video card suitable for mining? What is the mining speed?
A: A list of compatible hardware and the speed can be found in this table.

Q: My worker is running, but information on the site states that it is offline.
A: This may be due to various reasons, for example if you have a low speed and the miner is sending shares with a long interval between them that may be why it is declared offline. Write to us about it using the feedback form in « Support» and we will help you determine the exact reason.

Q: I downloaded miner but there are some problems with the antivirus. What does this mean?
A: Many miners identify some antiviruses as malicious programs. This is because many malware makers added miners to their malicious programs to make earnings through the use of the resources of infected users. The users sent the software found to the laboratories of the antivirus companies and they identified the signatures of the malicious miners. This is in fact not the case. Most miners are distributed with source code and anyone can determine their job and ensure that they do not contain malicious instructions. Such behavior of antivirus programs is to leave to the conscience of their developers . We recommend you download the miners from the developer miner sites or compile them yourself from source.

Financial questions:

Q: Are the payments made in an automated or manual mode?
A: All payments from the pool are made automatically.

Q: How is the share price calculated?
A: The price for one share is calculated as the present number of coins for the generated block divided into present difficulty minus 3%.

Q: Is it possible to transfer BTC from my personal wallet to the pool account?
A: No, unfortunately it is not.

Q: I withdrew funds, but in the table opposite my payment “In process ” or “Rejected” is displayed and no money has been paid. What does this mean?
A: This error can appear in different situations, for example the processing center does not respond or rejects them for reasons beyond our control. The telephone number or number of the wallet may be entered incorrectly. Our system tries to make the payment once more, but if the error is repeated there will be no further attempts, and the payment will be placed in rejected payments. If this happens try to repeat the payment within 30 minutes, if the problem persists then contact our support team.


A: Why do I appear in the statistics as Anonymous?
A: This occurs because we do not display the actual email addresses of our users in statistics to protect them from spam. In the “Name” column you can enter your chosen name or nickname in the « Account Setup» section.

Q: Should I use the same password for the miner and for my « Dashboard»?
A: We strongly recommend that you do not to use the same password for the « Dashboard» and miner. The password in the miner can be left empty. For miners, which do not support workers without passwords, you can enter any password.

Q: What is the reason for the list of allowed IPs in the «Settings» section?
A: This is one of the security measures offered by our pool. We recommend that you to add your IP address, if you log into the pool with the IP address then no one can log in under your account using other addresses. If for any reason you need to log in with a different address, then it can only be done via a confirmation email.

Q: How do you keep the passwords?
A: We hash them and add “salt”. There are no passwords that are kept in the open form. For this reason we cannot reset lost passwords, we can only change them for a new one.

Q: What is HTTPS for?
A: HTTPS is used for closed delivery of private data, such as telephone and account numbers.

General questions about the pool:

Q: Why do I need a pool for mining?
A: To find the blocks for which the award is calculated within a reasonable time, as it requires very high computational power. Even with productive video cards, a miner can spend some months mining but still not find any blocks. And if luck is not on the side of the miners, the block may not even be found for a year or more. To solve this problem, miners are united in a pool to work together accelerate finding its location.

Q: What is mining in the PPS mode?
A: PPS (Pay Per Share) is a mode of payment in which the pool pays a fixed price for sending a share. That is the client does not have to wait until there is a block, and the reward will be shared among the users; the users send shares and the pool pays for them at once. The pool takes a risk and pays out even if the block is not found, but pool fee is greater – 6%.

Q: What is mining in the PPLNS mode?
A: In this mode we keep track of shares we have received from users and we distribute mined BTCs among users proportionally to shares we have received from them recently. More precisely, we remember past XXX shifts of approximately YYY shares. Mined BTCs are equally split between past XXX shifts and after that split among users proportionally to number of shares contributed. In this model pool’s fee is lower - 1.5%.

Q: Where are your servers located?
A: Our servers are located in the German data center, Hetzner.

Q: I have ideas / suggestions / bug reports / questions about the pool that you may be interested in. How do I contact you?
A: We are interested in your opinion; please send everything important that you find in the form of feedback in the « Help» section, or via e-mail to pool@50btc.com.

Q: Which forums do you use to answer questions and write pool news?
A: English thread bitcointalk.org
Russian thread bitcointalk.org
Forum thread BTCsec.com

Q: Where else can you read about Bitcoin, mining, etc.? Where can I spend and exchange Bitcoins?
A: This list provides links to the key resources on this subject:

Q: Do you have any backup servers?
A: Yes, we recommend to connect miners to our main server — pool.50btc.com and reserve — pool2.50btc.com. Otherwise you can manualy to choose a specific server to use, at the moment we have 3 physical servers: pool-ru.50btc.com in Russia, pool-de.50btc.com in Germany, pool-us.50btc.com in the USA.

Q: What are API and API-key?
A: API (application programming interface) defines the functionality that the program provides. In the case of a pool using the JSON format we provide the detailed information about your account. For work in the present account the API-key is used, which you can find on the «Settings» page. This key lets you work safely with API 50BTC.com. With the help of the key the application for the statistics control is not used , it only requires your password and email.
More detail about API account statistics can be found on https://50btc.com/api/⟨API-key⟩

Information sites:
Bitcoin.org (En) Official project site
Bitcoin.it (En) WIKI on the subject of Bitcoin
BTCsec.com (Ru) Russian news website
Blockchain.info (En) Services and statistics
BitcoinChain.com (en) Monitoring and analytics
Bitcoincharts.com (En) Monitoring market
Blockexplorer.com (En) Monitoring of transactions

Bitcointalk.org (multilingual)
Bitcoin.org.uk (multilingual)
Forum.btcsec.com (Ru)

Exchange and exchangers:
Btc-e.com (En, Ru)
Cryptoxchange.com (En)
Bitcoinica.com (En)
Metabank.ru (Ru)